Safety At STC

Student Transportation of Canada is committed to the highest levels of safety in all work place and operational activities. We ensure that safety, security and reliability are at the heart of all the transportation services we provide.  We place special emphasis on driver training, vehicle maintenance, and a modern fleet.

Here’s some of what we do:


  • Screening and Background Checks: Student Transportation of Canada screens all employees beyond required provincial regulations ensuring they are cleared to perform to the highest security levels.
  • Training: Drivers receive the most comprehensive training in Canada, with an emphasis on Bullying and Sexual Harassment prevention, Defensive Driving, Effective Student Management and First Aid/CPR.
  • Child Check Mate: The system is an electronic security reminder with an audible alarm reminding drivers to check for sleeping children when their routes are finished.
  • Vehicle Inspection: Employees check the buses before and after every shift. During frequent preventative maintenance intervals our own certified mechanics thoroughly inspect the buses to ensure they are the safest vehicles on the road levitra generika preis.
  • Employee Development: Employees receive ongoing evaluation, training and development through hands on classroom instruction and Student Transportation University; our unique web-based training programs.
  • Modern Fleet: Our buses have the latest safety features and technology such as GPS, Mobile Data Terminals, Vehicle Diagnostic Systems and Crossing Gates.